Geo Electric Car

Between 2 to 4 hours depending on the desired location of your charge point. When installed by a professional, the process is incredibly efficient and, in most cases, you can expect to have a. The car has electric ac, power steering, power brakes, and heat from a 2kw heating system. It's an ac induction motor, 50kw controller running at a factory pack voltage of 300v which can easily. It had a few dents, rusty rims, and a bad transmission. Ge engineer douglas gruber, one of the engineers involved with ge's electric car project of the 1970s, examines the battery trolley underneath the ge 100 electric car. The car used 18. The easiest way is by using an electric car kit. The concept on an ev conversion is to remove the gasoline driven engine and replace it with an electric motor. To generate propulsion, the motor.